For Online Training (Learning Solutions):

"Mr. Duncan is an excellent instructor and I hope that he will be my instructor for the OTI 501 Course this summer. Hopefully, he will be a mentor to me, as well, because he has a lot of experience in the US and abroad. He has that special balance between the practical aspects and the theoretical aspects of being a 'solid' trainer and field consultant. Real life experiences collectively contributes to the 'ultimate textbook' and your courses create that type of learning experience."

"This was my first on-line educational experience. I was very pleased with it. Having taken this kind of program two previous times by attending the class in person, I must admit this on-line program ended up providing me with more useful information, was more challenging and satisfying and proved to be better balanced. I appreciate instructor feedback as I progress and have found instructor responses to questions or inquiries to be timely, personable and to the point without ever being made to feel like someone was breathing down my neck. It was the right combination for me. I'm happy. Thank You!"

"I have learned so much in this class and it's going to have a real impact upon all the training I do for other people. It's made me really broaden my horizons as related to the general duty clause. Thank you for a fun, fun, fun class . . . I can't believe I dreaded this one and it was GREAT. See you in the next one . . . ."

For Occupational Safety and Health (ReClaim Service):

It was not only more cost effective to bring OCCU-TEC in, but it also provided a nice comfort level….we never have to worry about if there are any new regulations coming through because they bring it to our attention. So we got that expertise without the cost of a full time employee.

For Environmental Management:

"I would like to take the time to thank you for two jobs well done. The project designs that Jay Hurst did, on the asbestos abatement of our two printing presses, were done with great detail for the safety of all. Jay and his support staff demonstrated a very professional and timely response to the task of designing and overseeing the abatement of the asbestos from our printing presses. Occu-Tec’s organizational skills, leadership, and experience were the key factors that made these projects a success and on schedule."

"We are still early in the project but so far, from my perspective, OCCU-TEC has managed to exceed my expectations -- Everything is going good at ZAU and the support has been outstanding."

For Energy Management:

I've always been pleased at the level of service that OCCU-TEC provides...keep up the outstanding support.