Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation and Certification

The largest telecommunication companies in the country, hospitals and data center operators select OCCU-TEC as their vendor of choice for Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation and Certification.  OCCU-TEC has:

  • Certified personnel
  • Nationwide coverage
  • ATG selection process assistancePneumercator-TMS-3000
  • Designated Operator compliance services
  • Safety and Environmental training for all technician

Leak Detection

Installing or upgrading the right automatic leak detection system is crucial for environmental risk reduction.  Selecting the appropriate equipment, utilizing certified installers, and selecting the right company to partner with are the components of success.

Automatic Tank Gauge Vendors

As the owner or operator of a tank system, make sure your vendor or installer is certified and provides you with the system information and the proper training necessary to guarantee your system works effectively to detect leaks.

If you don’t know how your system works, you may fail inspections and may find yourself with violations and penalty fees. Or even worse, you may find too late that you have had a leak and you may now have to pay for extensive cleanup of a contaminated site and for damages caused to others.

Automatic Tank Gauge Certification

Most states currently require UST system owners to perform periodic testing on their Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG's). This testing is needed in order to verify that all tank probes and sensors are in proper working order. Additionally, ALL testing records must be readily available, if requested by a regulator or inspector.

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Testing and Repairs

OCCU-TEC field technicians routinely inspect ATG systems and certify that its components are performing at the standards required by your state or local jurisdiction.  Our technicians can test your electronic leak detectors, leak detector sensors, and high level leak alarms assuring accurate configuration, functionality and system continuity.

Our ability troubleshoot and repair potential issues while on your site corrects problems such as failing leak detectors or malfunctioning sensors during our visits , thus eliminating the need for costly return visits or site down-time.


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