Does Your Safety Training Work?

Here's how to put your workplace safety programs to the test
This is part 1 of a 2-part series:

Imagine having a standard report card available to measure the effectiveness of your company's safety training, one that allowed you to plug in A's, B's or C's in a matter of seconds.

Return to Work-A Great Way to Control Your Comp Dollars

Courtesy of Summit, a Liberty Mutual Company

Returning injured employees to work has become more and more important in controlling claims costs. However, it is easy to think that you don't need a formal return-to-work program—until it's too late.

Dollars and sense

No matter how safe a business strives to be, accidents can still happen.

Increase your “Green” with a Paperless Office

While companies focus more and more on increasing transparency regarding their sustainability efforts and improving performance, shareholders, customers, and employees are demanding more and more information on the specific steps companies are taking to achieve their desired outcomes.