Compliance Assurance

Environmental Compliance

  • Clean Air Act - Title V operating and construction permits
  • Clean Water Act - Storm water pollution prevention plan
  • SARA Title V - Tier 2 reports and TRI
  • NEPA - Environmental assessments

Facilities Risk Management

  • AHERA - Asbestos in schools, inspections and management plans
  • EPA NESHAPS - Comprehensive building inspections for renovation & demolition permitting
  • OSHA - Employee safety and health
  • NPDES - Permitting & waste water discharge
  • RCRA - Hazardous waste management
  • SPCC - Spill prevention, control and counter measures

Indoor Environmental Quality

Mold Inspections & Remediation Management

Soil Vapor Intrusion surveys

Environmental regulatory burdens can adversely affect any organizations ability to survive. Poorly managed compliance liability can reduce profits and that is just the beginning. OCCU-TEC has the expertise to implement best practices in helping you with your environmental management systems, all within a strict Quality Control/Quality Assurance program. Put our expertise to work for you.

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Areas Covered

We provide a range of Environmental Management, Safety Training and Green Energy Solutions in Kansas City, Omaha, Denver, Saint Louis and throughout the United States.

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