Environmental Risk Management

Environmental Surveys

OCCU-TEC inspectors can assist with your compliance needs by conducting several levels of facility environmental surveys for existing structures or buildings slated for renovation or demolition. Addressing environmental issues is a critical step to avoid fines and potential liabilities. Our surveys address asbestos, mercury, PCBs, lead and more.

Mold Testing and Remediation

We investigate and test, remediate, control and prevent sources of mold growth and other building-related illnesses. We offer a full range of mold services ranging from locating the causes of mold growth, mold sampling, or complete remediation and protocol design as well as project management.

Asbestos Testing and Abatement

We provide asbestos testing and abatement services in Kansas City and Nationwide.

Refrigerants and Carbon Monoxide

The EPA has set strict standards for regulating and monitoring refrigerants. Environmental, individual health and potential liabilities are mitigated with OCCU-TEC's system of preventative maintenance and calibration of monitoring equipment.

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Areas Covered

We provide a range of Environmental Management, Safety Training and Green Energy Solutions in Kansas City, Omaha, Denver, Saint Louis and throughout the United States.

Local experts who can visit on-site: Kansas City Workplace Safety Training, Omaha Environmental Management, Denver Green Energy Solutions, Kansas City Environmental Training, Omaha Safety Training and Denver Renewable Energy.