Probiotic Solutions

We couldn't live without bacteria!

Without bacteria life would not exist today. Yet bacteria gets a bad name in the media. Many species of Bacteria are beneficial for us, they help us digest food, produce vitamins, and occupy niches in the environment that would otherwise be available for competing pathogens. Bacterial populations grow in to a state of equilibrium, keeping pathogens in check until some external facter disrupts that equilibrium. Our technical applications team can design a program using beneficial bacteria that will protect your valued assets using 100% organic technology. No introduction of hazardous chemicals or wastes!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when applied in sufficient amounts, deliver a health benefit to the host.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Our proven ingenuity for people and planet helps protect your profits! Let us demonstrate the power of probiotics:

Probiotic technology is an all-natural, environmentally-safe solution for use in livestock applications, animal health, organic farming and gardening applications as well as human health. Produced through a natural processes our probiotic offerings are certified organic by the OMRI.

A sustainable approach to business; the use of Probiotics can help reduce or eliminate your hazardous waste streams, increase your productivity and help control your operating costs. Contact the OCCU-TEC technical applications team to learn more.

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