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Improving Water Quality without Hazarous Chemicals Our approach to water quality is all natural and safe for fish, pets and people and should be a mainstay for the treatment of any water system. Unlike other natural products on the market that claim to be probiotics; our technology is fundamentally different.

Containing billions of live microorganisms which are conditioned for survival through a process known as the consortium concept (co-growth), these microorganisms don't die off immediately when introduced into a new environment like so many others. Each bacterial strain develops while interacting with other strains. Ultimately, through the proprietary consortia culturing processes, the microorganisms become a small eco-system; much more resilient and capable of working together synergistically.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when applied in sufficient amounts, deliver a health benefit to the host.

World Health Organization (WHO)

This methodology is more similar to how microorganisms actually survive in the natural environment. In nature, strains of bacteria never exist in isolation or pure culture. They are always interacting with other strains of bacteria. The benefits are undeniable: break down of organic waste, lowering of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), reduction of pathogenic bacteria levels such as e.Coli, and Fecal Coliforms, reduces ammonia, nitrite and nitrates, reduces nutrient load in water systems while restoring the natural balance to the eco-system.

Our proven ingenuity for people and planet helps protect your profits! Let us demonstrate the power of probiotics.

Water and Ecology Control

Before Treatment with Probiotics

After Treatment with Probiotics

Mulberry Lake – Kansas City, Missouri (Summer 2010)

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