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ReClaim for Colleges and Universities – As Easy as 1, 2, 3

ReClaim is designed for the educational institutions wanting quality professional assistance with safety and environmental issues without adding staff.

This innovative solution gives the institution a realistic assessment of the current state of safety and environmental issues, an action plan addressing any unacceptable risk or non-compliance concerns, and 24/7 access to experienced safety and environmental professionals for guidance and expert advice when needed.

Here is how it works:

Step 1:

We critically review your key safety and environmental issues. During this review, we will look at the following:


  • Administrations Commitment and Accountability
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Required written EHS Programs
  • Required Recordkeeping
  • Workers’ Compensation Review
  • Employee Injuries
  • Accident Investigation
  • Insurance Rates/Experience Modification

Work Practices and Facilities

  • Employee Work Practices
  • Facility/Work Area Review
  • Laboratory safety
  • Hazardous Waste handling procedures
  • Food Handling / Preparation
  • Training
  • Sustainability Practices (Recycling, Carbon footprint, P2, etc.)

Step 2:

Following our review, we will determine if you are at risk for potential losses resulting from employee injuries or illnesses, regulatory enforcement actions or third party liability. We then prioritize those risks and prepare a written Action Plan to help you address them, in the order that is most urgent and practical.

Step 3:

We will help when you need us. The program includes go forward strategy for professional consultation. This may be to develop written programs, perform on-site training or for ongoing consultation when you need assistance from experts.<>/p

Our ReClaim Solution: Providing high quality safety and environmental expertise, helping you "reclaim" lost opportunities.

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Areas Covered

We provide a range of Environmental Management, Safety Training and Green Energy Solutions in Kansas City, Omaha, Denver, Saint Louis and throughout the United States.

Local experts who can visit on-site: Kansas City Workplace Safety Training, Omaha Environmental Management, Denver Green Energy Solutions, Kansas City Environmental Training, Omaha Safety Training and Denver Renewable Energy.