Your trusted partner for installing and removing critical fuel systems.

Whether installing or removing critical fuel systems, you need a team with deep experience to ensure the transaction is safe and seamless. These are highly complex systems and the ramifications of an error, however small, are huge.

Our team of environmental, safety, and construction experts work with construction and engineering firms routinely to both install and remove critical fuel systems. They’re adept at making sure nearby structures are untouched, people are safe and your business isn’t disrupted. We understand that our clients can’t fail their clients – even briefly – which is why we create backup continuity plans to ensure a foolproof transition during the fuel system replacement.

Emergency generator fuel systems are complex, expensive and critical. We take a strategic look at your system, assessing its life cycle to determine whether it’s more efficient to repair or upgrade. We understand the role these systems play in business continuity, which is why we respond to a client’s immediate need while assessing the system’s viability. Our inspection and testing processes are aimed at helping clients identify problems and plan ahead while also addressing immediate concerns. 

Contact us to discuss how OCCU-TEC can assist in your system installation or removal.