On the job, nothing matters more than workplace safety. 

We know how important workplace safety and health are for your enterprise. No matter the facility – from an industrial plant to a hospital – creating a plan that minimizes risk, increases efficiency, and stays ahead of regulatory requirements is critical. At OCCU–TEC, we work with clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs in their specific facilities. We take the long view when it comes to minimizing occupational hazards because a safe workplace is a financially healthy workplace.

Our team of professionals helps clients build sustainable strategies for both short-term and long-term improvements. Our highly skilled team includes certified safety professionals, certified hazardous material managers, industrial hygienists, and environmental managers.

Here’s how we help keep employees safe:

Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygienists help identify possible hazards, evaluate the situation, and develop controls and procedures to minimize employee exposure to unsafe situations and workplace hazards.


Program Review and Development

OCCU-TEC’s highly skilled professionals assist our clients in achieving regulatory compliance through the development and implementation of comprehensive safety programs.

Managed Environmental, Safety and Health Services

Our Managed Environmental, Safety and Health (MESH) Services program is designed to assist organizations that need to augment or are operating without dedicated safety or environmental staff but need professional expertise to develop, improve, and manage effective programs.


Hazard Identification and Correction

Our team completes workplace hazard assessments, reviews safety records, and conducts employee interviews to identify potential hazards. We’ll then develop written job hazard analysis and specific procedures to minimize employee exposure to unsafe situations.

Accident Investigation and Consulting

We specialize in analyzing all potential contributing factors leading to an accident, including procedural, cultural, physical, and employee action-related factors to determine root causes. From this analysis, we develop a plan of action so you can safely get back to business and reduce the likelihood of repeat issues.


Compliance Audits and Consulting

We audit your business’s environmental and safety programs and develop plans to ready your worksite, setting your business up for a smooth OSHA or EPA inspection.