Ensuring a successful remediation project, from start to finish.

Improper or incomplete remediation can lead to costly fines, project delays, lost confidence, and lost profits. OCCU-TEC’s team of professionals assists clients by launching remediation projects off the ground the right way, from the start.

Identifying the right remediation contractor for your project is more than just looking at price. OCCU-TEC looks at the project holistically, accounting for project scope, duration, complexity, location, calendar, and market conditions to help you make the most informed decision possible to ensure the best outcome.

During the project, OCCU-TEC’s professionals perform oversight of the project which may include third-party air monitoring for asbestos, soil sampling, industrial hygiene monitoring, interfacing with regulatory agencies, documentation of work practices, verification of worker qualifications and attendance, and documentation of scope changes. With our oversight you can rest assured that the project will be performed in accordance with regulations and project specifications, be performed on time, and be well documented all reducing your potential costs, legal risks, and reputation.


Improper remediation design can cause delayed project timelines and increased expenses  outside of your projected budget. Additionally, having a project design that does not utilize the appropriate remediation strategies can lead to ineffective remediation and ongoing monitoring or legal concerns.

We assist our clients with the development of a remediation design that uses applicable technology and provides comfort knowing the project will be completed in accordance with your unique business interests in mind. Designing a remediation strategy with OCCU-TEC ensures that we will consider the unique conditions of each site while promising compliance with all applicable regulatory state and federal requirements.

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Third Party Oversight and Air Monitoring

Surprises during remediation projects can be costly and cause concern by owners and operators whose interests are not protected. By using OCCU-TEC for third-party oversight, you can rest assured we have a representative on site to look out for your best interests, ensure you stay up to date with project status, and keep you informed of deviations or potential additional costs. Having third-party oversight prevents run-away costs by ensuring remediation contractors are monitored and tracked from start to finish.

When applicable, air monitoring completed by OCCU-TEC can provide defensible data that ensures engineering effectiveness when it comes to safeguarding public health and safety. When air monitoring indicates potential problems with practices or controls, we use our experience to develop effective remedies to quickly correct the issue and keep the project moving forward.

Site Characterization and Remediation

OCCU-TEC's technical staff have years of experience in the site characterization and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination from a wide variety of sources.  OCCU-TEC can complete site characterization or review previous site characterization and develop workable strategies for remediation of contaminants.  Our staff stay up to date on current remediation techniques and have the ability to suggest the appropriate techniques for our client’s unique site situation. 


UST Removal

Failure to remove an unused underground storage tank poses a potential threat of soil and groundwater contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state programs have established regulations to ensure that the removal of these tanks adheres to appropriate safety measures and protocols, aiming to mitigate the release of hazardous substances that can be detrimental to both human and environmental health.

Maintaining records of UST removal is crucial. When engaging in commercial property sales transactions, thorough due diligence often involves inquiries regarding underground tanks. Having proper and well-documented tank closure reports enables smoother and expedited transactions while minimizing the likelihood of costly investigations and remediation requirements that could negatively impact the property's value.


A brownfield is a previously developed property that is set for redevelopment or repurposing and may present challenges due to the actual or potential existence of hazardous substances or pollutants. The process involves:

  • Assessing the possibility of contaminants being present (Phase I Site Assessments).
  • Identifying the nature and scope of contaminants (Phase II Site Assessments).
  • Developing a plan to address and mitigate the contamination (Remedial Action Plans).
  • Estimating the costs associated with the cleanup efforts.
  • Implementing the chosen remedy to effectively address the contamination.
OCCU-TEC’s goal with every brownfield project is to maximize the potential return for our client while minimizing any potential liabilities.

Waste Remediation

Excess or unused laboratory/chemical waste can present costly problems for organizations and potential liability if not properly disposed. The first step to disposal of laboratory/chemical waste is to inventory and characterize the waste. Once characterized, it is important to use a qualified disposal facility for the ultimate disposal of any waste generated.

OCCU-TEC can complete a thorough inventory of all hazardous chemicals at your site. We can review the hazardous chemicals noted with facilities staff to determine what can be reused, if possible, and what requires disposal at an appropriate facility. Once disposal requirements are determined, OCCU-TEC can disposal in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements. After completion of disposal, OCCU-TEC will ensure all manifest documentation is provided and assist organizations with proper record-keeping in the event of a compliance audit.