Whether you’re in the manufacturing and industrial sector, public sector, or education (or anything in between), OCCU-TEC is here to analyze, review or develop your workplace safety program to help you achieve your goals.

Creating a workplace safety program is an ongoing process that requires regular input from staff, management and experts. By engaging key stakeholders throughout the review or development process, companies can create a comprehensive plan that meets their needs while ensuring employee safety. Once implemented, this plan will help to protect staff from harm while also helping employers meet legal requirements. A successful workplace safety program will provide a safe environment for everyone involved while minimizing disruption.

Safety program review
We will conduct a comprehensive review of your existing safety program, identifying any gaps or weaknesses in the program and making recommendations for improvement.

Safety program development
Our team can develop a new safety program from scratch or improve an existing program. This will involve working with you to identify your specific needs and developing a program that meets those needs and any applicable regulations.

We will provide training to your employees on how to implement the safety program. This training will cover topics such as hazard identification, risk assessment and proper safety procedures.

Benefits of an updated safety program

  • Helps protect employees from harm and injury
  • Demonstrates a commitment to employee safety and well-being
  • Reduces potential liability costs associated with injuries, illness, or death among workers
  • Improves productivity and minimizes disruptions as fewer time and resources are expended on managing accidents or illnesses within the workplace
  • Establishes clear expectations for both employers and employees regarding safety protocols that must be observed to remain compliant with regulations

A safe workplace keeps employees healthier and helps your business be more profitable. Contact us today to see how OCCU-TEC can help you meet and exceed regulations through an enhanced safety program.