Job Safety Analysis - Leave it to the Experts

Safety is a critical step for any company in preventing injury, accident, or lost time. OSHA violations can be extremely costly; however, the cost of injury or death is highly detrimental to a business and entirely avoidable. By completing a job safety assessment, we can help limit the risk associated with safety concerns at a facility as a whole and for individual job functions.

Having a 3rd party competent safety consultant complete a job safety analysis can provide a level of independent insight into a company's safety culture and practices that will improve safety programs and promote a positive safety culture within an organization. OCCU-TEC, Inc. has four decades of safety consulting experience and expertise.

Our staff is trained to assess jobs and tasks to determine all hazards and provide workable solutions and procedures to mitigate them. Through a job safety analysis, OCCU-TEC, Inc. can prepare written Job Hazard Analysis documentation, develop safety programs/plans, and train employees to the procedures to complete projects in the safest manner possible.

This process can identify significant gaps in a company's safety program that may lead to accidents or injury in many instances. Once gaps are identified, OCCU-TEC's experience developing safety plans that conform with current safety standards and consider the company's unique structure.

Once the job safety analysis is complete, OCCU-TEC develops plans in coordination with our clients that consider their input and existing regulations to ensure a functional safety program that will provide a long-lasting safety culture.

Additionally, our expertise allows us to provide custom high-level training to employees to ensure they understand and can implement the procedures required for a safe work environment. Safe employees are happy employees, happy employees are loyal employees, and loyal employees create a positive company working environment.

Let OCCU-TEC, Inc. analyze your company's safety procedures, improve safety plans, help promote a positive safety culture and create a safe work environment.


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