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Managed services are the process of outsourcing, on a proactive basis, specific functions to improve operations and cut expenses.  OCCU-TEC offers such services for Workplace Safety and Environmental Management.

Through our Managed Safety & Environmental Services program, OCCU-TEC, Inc. addresses immediate and long-term environmental, safety and health (EHS) issues. The program is designed to assist organizations that are operating without dedicated safety or environmental staff but need professional expertise to develop and manage effective programs. As a result, we deliver solutions that add value today and well into the future.

Safety and environmental excellence correlate with business prosperity. Our Managed Safety & Environmental Services program is customizable & scalable to your needs, effectively mitigates risk, reduces operating costs, and improves productivity. Letting our professionals develop and implement a safety and health plan allows you to concentrate on your core business and competencies.


How does the Managed Safety & Environmental Service work?

1. Discovery

We examine your record of job-related loss claims and liability costs and create a trend analysis. We then project how much these loss expenses will total for the next three years.

2. Investigation

We take an expert look at what you're doing from an occupational health and safety perspective, reviewing management processes, program administration, physical plant operations, and training and education.

3. Recommendations

We create an action plan to stem job-related loss claims, create a safer work environment, and maintain a much healthier operating budget through decreased Workers’ Compensation claims, insurance costs, and related legal expenses.


Why does the Managed Safety & Environmental Service work?



Our Managed Safety & Environmental Service creates an effective communications network. With centralized management at the hub, key departments are brought into the process, creating ongoing dialogue and idea-sharing among various divisions. The resulting group buy-in generates immediate improvements in overall safety and environmental protection. 




By outsourcing your safety and environmental department, not only do you save on payroll and related costs, you can rest assured your program will be managed correctly and professionally. We focus on what we know best, so you can focus on what you know best- your business.