Emergency Fuel Systems

Through our nationwide network of fuel vendors strategically positioned across the country, OCCU-TEC provides fuel to organizations that cannot afford power outages. Many standby fuel systems are designed to serve short-term mobility and power generation needs.

When normal, limited on-hand fuel supplies are insufficient and local re-supply is not possible, a reliable, responsive alternative is essential. We deliver — fast.

Critical Fuel Systems - Emergency Fuel Services

Tank and Fuel Quality Management

The right fuel tank program with fuel testing and treatment, if necessary, guarantees good working order, reduces cost, and protects vital company assets during normal operations and unexpected emergencies.

OCCU-TEC’s expertise in fuel tank management offers unique long-term solutions, not quick fixes that are less reliable and eventually cost more. We provide total servicing and maintenance on both above and underground fuel tanks for clients ranging from single locations up to a nationwide network.

Our Tank and Fuel Quality Management Services

  • Fuel Tank System Inspections
  • Fuel Filtering and Stabilization
  • Entry Style Tank Cleanings, Inspections, and Repair
  • Automatic Tank Gauging System Programming and Installation
  • Proactive Tank Maintenance and Management Plans
  • Fuel Quality Testing and Treatment
  • Tank and Line Tightness Testing
  • Leak Detection System Troubleshooting, Sensor Replacement and Repair
  • Fuel and Tank Monitor System Upgrades
  • Specifications for Tank Installations, Removals, Cleanings, and Repairs
  • Corrosion Protection Inspection and Testing
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) and Compliance Inspections
  • Perform as Class A, B & C Designated Operator
  • Class C Designated Operator Training Nationwide
tank and fuel quality management

Tank Removal and Closure

Regulatory compliance during the removal and closure of unused or leaking storage tank systems is mandatory. Therefore, knowledgeable interaction with state and local agencies is critical to satisfying their specific requirements.

OCCU-TEC’s tank closure activities include interfacing with regulatory authorities, photographing crucial stages of the project, documenting tank and contents disposal, and analyzing and removing petroleum-impacted soil and groundwater in an effort to achieve final closure without additional site investigation.


Our Tank Removal and Closure Services

  • Closure Plans and Permitting
  • Tank and Line Removal
  • Tank Decontamination
  • Certified Tank Disposal
  • Sludge Disposal
  • Soil Sampling
  • Soil Excavation and Disposal
  • Closure Reporting